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AACAS ECommerce Presence and Process Questions

10. Develop an e-commerce presence map.

(For example: website, email … etc. What activities does the company use these platforms for? (E.g., marketing, customer service, news…etc.).

also the below question can you answer as i went through the files and not clear for me.

2. Explain the design of the system (4 marks)

Explain in detail the design of the system (business objectives, system functionality, information provided)

(Is the answer in the table enough?)

• What can be improved or added into the system design?

3. Explain the current business e-commerce features (2 mark)

What are the current website features? And what types of these features can be annoying to customers? Provide pictures.

(What can you do to improve the current features on the website?)

4. Explain the business e-commerce process (2marks)

Explain in detail all the steps from the time user enters the website until the final user buys a product.

(What can be improved in the process?)

AACAS ECommerce Presence and Process Questions
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