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Assignment 1: Task 1: Security Management Case Study Report



Understand the issues with information security and security risks. • Identify the security risks and security control strategies in a particular context. • Discuss issues related to legal, ethical, and professional issues in security management.
Faculty of Arts, Computing and Engineering Subject of Cyber and Computing Assessment task details – provide a description of the task For this assignment you should imagine that you are the Information Security and Risk Manager for a large organisation of your choice! Students should each select a different organisation and industry from other students, you will need to get your organisation approved by your tutor. You should produce a report for the executive team of your organisation containing the following elements to help them understand the security elements of your organisation: 1. The potential cyber risks for your Industry based on global data and research . In this section you should research your selected organisation and the industry that it sits within to understand the cyber risks that face that specific industry or sector. 2. The threat landscape for your organisation . In this section you should research your selected organisation to understand the threat landscape faced by that organisation. The threat landscape means the entire scope of potential and cybersecurity threats affecting user groups, organizations, specific industries, or a particular time. Within this section you are free to make sensible assumptions but please clearly state what assumptions you have made. 3. Legal, ethical and professional issues related to the identified organisation and industry risks should they become a reality for the organisation in question . In this area you should discuss the potential impacts of the threats, vulnerabilities and risks you have identified in earlier sections from a legal, ethical and professional standpoint based on your research. You should end your report with a conclusion or executive summary of your findings. References – Your assignment must be supported by an appropriate reference base in IEEE format. References do not count towards the word count. Submission instructions – What should be the format of the submission? / Where should it be submitted?