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ASSIGNMENT TASK Assignment Task 1 – Project Report

Assignment Task 1 – Project Report [70 Marks]
Choose an organization, preferably where you are working or familiar with, understand the standard operating procedures of your chosen organization and find suitable information related to the Strategic Change Management strategies.
You need to apply key concepts of Strategic Change Management to answer and justify the questions following the scenario given below:
Organizations worldwide had a great impact facing challenges and uncertainties during the Covid-19 triggered Pandemic in 2020 which lead many organizations to close down their operations or/and adapt to disruptive alternatives and made a number of organizations to undergo change management strategies to compete and survive in the turbulent market conditions. Companies are striving for continuous improvement and trying to manage the changes effectively and efficiently in the present hard economic times.
If you have been given an opportunity to act as a CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT and implement changes in your chosen organization, what steps will you take into consideration while implementing the change management process in the following tasks given below. Prepare a Project Report of 5000 words that addresses the following questions:
1. Executive Summary [5 Marks]
You should summarize your report briefly (hopefully no more than one page of A4 paper).
2. Introduction to Change Management [20 Marks]
Introduce the chosen organization and critically discuss the concept of change management in detail with reference to four principles, concepts or theories and its importance in the chosen organization. You need to demonstrate a critical understanding of the different perspectives in change management such as contingency perspective, resource dependence and population- ecology perspectives. Next, you must evaluate the scope of change management in an organisation. Furthermore, you need to critically analyse the internal processes and external environmental conditions that influence the change to cope up with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 triggered market scenario. Also, you need to undertake a critical examination of the different principles, practices and perspectives involved in successful stakeholder management during the change management process.
3. Resistance to Change [15 Marks]
What kind of resistance would the organization face during the change management process?
You need to critically reflect upon the why change in organizations is met with resistance and how it impacts the organization. You will also critically discuss the resistance at individual, collective and organizational level and the key reasons for the same. Furthermore, you need to critically analyse and demonstrate the different ways in which the organization can overcome the resistance to change, using practical justifications to back up your analysis. Also, you will critically examine the different types of interventions and discuss how you have selected the appropriate intervention to apply for the particular change management process in the chosen organization.
4. Leadership and Change Management [15 Marks]
What is the role of leadership during the change management process? You need to plan and undertake a literature review and critically analyse of atleast 10 relevant academic articles that discuss research and theory on the process of leadership in change management. You may include up to three secondary literature reports on the theories and process of leadership in change management. Furthermore, you need to critically evaluate atleast 7 different leadership styles such as autocratic, authoritative, pacesetting, democratic, coaching, affiliative and laissez-faire and identify the suitable approach to successfully leading individuals and teams through the process of change in the chosen organization by giving an evidence based justification for your choice.
5. Conclusions and Recommendations [15 Marks]
You should summarize the main findings, including their implications, and provide recommendations that directly relate to this analysis.

Writing Guide:
Project Report
Change Management Strategies at [Organization Name]
Executive Summary
This report examines the change management strategies needed at [Organization Name] to adapt to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Key recommendations include implementing Kotter’s 8 step change management model, addressing resistance through effective communication and training, adopting a coaching leadership style, and measuring success through metrics.
Introduction to Change Management

[Organization Name] is a [industry] company operating in [location] since [year]. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted [industry], forcing [Organization Name] to reconsider its operations. Change management theories like Kotter’s (2012) 8 step model and Luecke’s (2003) change management model provide frameworks for managing organizational change. [Organization Name] must analyze internal processes and external factors like economic impacts to determine necessary changes (Burnes, 2004). Effective stakeholder management assignment help Au through communication and participation is also critical for success (Freeman, 2010).
Resistance to Change
Resistance will stem from uncertainty and lack of involvement at the individual level and fears of job loss at the group level (Oreg, 2006). At [Organization Name], resistance may also arise from distrust of leadership due to previous failed changes. To overcome this, a rationale for change, rewards for participation, and clear requirements will be established using Armenakis and Harris’ (2009) 3 R model. Training, support and open communication channels can further reduce resistance (Hiatt, 2006).
Leadership and Change Management

Research shows successful change leaders set compelling visions, align people through communication, and motivate participation (Kotter, 1990). At [Organization Name], a coaching leadership style that involves stakeholders in decision-making will be most effective due to the current culture (Goleman, 2000). Leaders will receive training on active listening, empowering others, and providing feedback to guide the change process.
Conclusions and Recommendations
For [Organization Name] to adapt successfully to challenges posed by COVID-19, Kotter’s (2012) 8 step model should be implemented under a coaching leadership approach. Resistance should be addressed proactively using interventions from Armenakis and Harris (2009) and Hiatt (2006). Performance metrics will track progress and gauge success, including [two relevant metrics]. With the recommended strategies, [Organization Name] is well positioned to manage changes effectively and emerge stronger.

ASSIGNMENT TASK Assignment Task 1 – Project Report
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