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Assignments x3



I need these 3 assignments asap 

please dont respond if you can’t get the work done.


Assignment 1


•  Review Website: Timeline of Enlightenment Philosophy.

View videos: Return to the Source Part 1 and Return to the Source Part 3.

Do you agree with Descartes’ epistemological view that some ideas are innate or with Locke’s view that we are blank slates when we are born?

How does the movie The Matrix specifically relate to Descartes’ quest for knowledge


Assignment 2


If there are natural rights, is it the duty of the state to protect them? Why or why not? (from page 388) Does your reply remain the same or change from the Chinese perspective of the Mandate of Heaven for Chinese rulers? Why or why not?

Is there still a need for a feminist perspective in today’s modern American society? Make sure to refer to the work of one of the feminists discussed in your text (Wollstonecraft, Stanton, or Anthony) in the course of giving, and defending, your answer.


Assignment 3

What are the main differences between the Sufi, Buddhist, and Hindu views about the nature of God?


t is important that the explanations are in your own words and that you provide examples to illustrate key points.

The post Assignments x3 first appeared on Quicknursing.com.

The post Assignments x3 appeared first on Quicknursing.com.