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ASU General Motors Decline of an Automaker Analysis Questions



  • Select a firm, from the Fortune 15 history discussion, that left the Fortune 15 at some point – specifically pick a firm from a red square on page 2 of Reshaping Industries.pdf 
  • Answer the following seven questions: 
    1. Name of the firm you’ve chosen?
    2. When was the firm founded and is the firm still in business?
    3. If the firm is no longer in business: did it merge with another firm or go out of business, and if so when did it merge and with who, or when did it go out of business?
    4. What was the firm’s primary product, service or offer?
    5. What industry would you say that firm is part of?
    6. Was the firm’s primary product replaced by another solution or by a competitor offering a similar product?
    7. Write 2 to 3 paragraphs: in your opinion what three or four factors might have led to the firm’s drop from the Fortune 15 and the loss of its leadership position, and in what ways did the marketplace evolve to diminish the firm’s leadership position?