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Below are the instructions. I have attached the example assignments as well the

Below are the instructions. I have attached the example assignments as well the attachments in the initial instructions.
Introduction to Your Assignment
You will use three full days of food journaling for this assignment. Two of the food and beverage journals should be the same as the two you created for past assignments in this course. These two previously completed journals should come from:
Unit 2 Assignment: Food Journaling & Carbohydrates
Unit 3 Assignment: Analyzing a Lipid Profile
Those food journals will be entered into a web-based nutrient analysis software, called Cronometer.
After entering all three days into the online software, you will obtain a report of averages that displays calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients consumed as an average for a day based on the three days you entered. That is, the analysis results represent your daily average intake for those three days. Please do not divide the numbers by three during your interpretation of the results.
This report of averages is called the “Nutrition Report” and it will be needed to complete the tables on your Worksheet.
In this assignment, you will:
Document your intake for one full day and add this food journal to your two previously submitted food journals for a total of three days of food journals
Enter your intake from those three days into a nutrient analysis software, Cronometer
Complete three tables with nutrient-specific information
Compare your average intake to the recommendations from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
The assignment needs to be completed in the correct order to obtain all the necessary information, as shown in the flow diagram below. You’ll need to complete the food journal and collect your two previously submitted days of food journals to enter data into the nutrient analysis software (Cronometer). Then you’ll need the report from the nutrient analysis software to complete the nutrient tables.
Diagram shows three text boxes organized as a horizontal series. The first textbox is labeled 3-Day Food Journal. A right-pointing arrow separates the first textbox from the second textbox The second textbox is labeled Nutrient Analysis Software. A right pointing arrow separates the second and third textboxes. The third textbox is labeled Nutrient Tables.
See sample assignment (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and rubric (below) for additional assistance before starting on this assignment. Make sure to review the rubric before submitting your assignment to ensure that you have included all the assignment expectations.
NOTE: If this assignment is triggering for you in any way, you can use a fictitious food log, use the food intake from a friend or relative, or reach out to your instructor for an alternate assignment option.
STEP 1: Complete three full days (24 hours each) of food journaling.
Use the guidelines in the Unit 2 assignment for food journaling plus consider the grading feedback for the Unit 2 assignment: Food Journaling & Carbohydrates and Unit 3 Assignment: Analyzing Lipid Profile. Use the previous assignments and feedback to ensure you include all the information you’ll need to enter your data into the nutrient analysis software, Cronometer.
You are expected to use your previously submitted food journals after completing your edits. Make sure to correct any errors or omissions based on grading feedback you received on the the previous two assignments.
Make sure to submit one document that includes all intakes for each of the three days clearly separated by dates.
Please include three separate dates within this course’s timeframe.
Special Note: If you are concerned about your food journaling skills and wish for a review before submission, reach out to your instructor via email at least 72 hours before this assignment due date for a possible opportunity to have your journals reviewed (ungraded) before moving on to Steps 2 and 3. Your instructor will aim to accommodate all requests for reviews but will alert you if they are unable to do so.
STEP 2: Enter data into Cronometer (Cronometer.com), the nutrient analysis software. You must use this specific software to complete the project. Other free analysis software may not contain all the required information needed for this project. Note: If you have an accommodation that does not work with Cronometer, please alert your instructor immediately.
Download the Unit 4 Assignment Step 2 Instructions which includes images to help you complete this step.
You must include images of the entire Nutrition Report that you obtain from Cronometer starting from the date range of the report to the end of the micronutrients (both columns).
Your images of the Nutrition Report can be in one document or multiple image files, depending on how you copy the report. You may submit as a PDF, Word document, or image files, but the file(s) must be able to be opened or you will not receive credit for this assignment. If no images of the Nutrition Report are submitted, you will receive a “0” and your instructor will reach out to discuss next steps.
STEP 3: Three nutrient tables must be filled out completely with both your intake and your recommended intake.
Your intake information will come from the Cronometer report. Remember that the Cronometer results are an average of your daily intake over the three days of food journaling. For example, if the report shows you’ve consumed an average of 60 grams of protein per day, it means you consume that amount per day on average.
There are three tables. One each for calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients. All must be completed for this assignment.
What To Include in Your Submission
3-day food journal (one document with all three days of intake and dates included)
Cronometer screenshots
Completed Nutrient Tables document

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Below are the instructions. I have attached the example assignments as well the
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