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Breast Lump on a Female Patient Discussion



Breast Lump on a Female Patient Discussion

Discussion Prompt
A 55-year-old menopause female presented to the nurse practitioner  clinic with c/o of breast lump  x 2 months. She denies a family history of breast cancer, however, her sister was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy. Breast Lump on a Female Patient  The patient states that her husband noticed the painless lump on the right side of the breast. She also describes lump as immobile. She also reports that she smokes 1PPD and has never been pregnant. She drinks two cans of beer every night to help her sleep because of her stressful day time job.


What risk factors including demographics should the nurse practitioner consider while making a clinical diagnosis for this patient?
What questions should the nurse practitioner ask this patient to elicit a detailed history? (At least five questions to receive full points for this section)
What diagnostic imaging would you consider for this patient?

Write a post of 2 to 4 paragraphs with (minimum 250 words with references)

Breast Lump on a Female Patient Discussion