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BUS 520 MSU Ford Car Recalls Fishbone Diagram Exercise


  • Select the organization you will use to complete the Fishbone Diagram and prepare for the assignments. Base your organization selection on the following criteria:
    • The organization should be one you are familiar with.?
    • You have access to internal processes.?
    • It has an organizational problem that needs to be resolved.?
    • You can think of a realistic and enforceable solution to the issue
    • The purpose of the Fishbone Diagram is to support you as you drill down to identify the actual problem. You can use as many major causes and sub-causes as you may need to document the results of your brainstorming as you identify the root problem.To get started, you may want to research different brainstorming techniques, such as the 5 Why’s or the 4P’s, to assist you in completing the Fishbone Diagram. When you start the brainstorming process, you should think of the diagram as a fish with the main axis being the fish spine; the issue’s primary factors branch out in a fashion resembling the bones of the fish.Using the Fishbone Diagram helps you to break down complex issues into manageable components. Take note of causes that appear numerous times. Test the most likely cause and verify it with data.
      Important: Keep in mind to state causes, not solutions.Note: The diagram for this assignment has been created in Excel to provide you with a template to work in and does not reflect the traditional Fishbone Diagram but works the same way. You may not need to use all the major cause or sub-cause fields provided; it is not required.
BUS 520 MSU Ford Car Recalls Fishbone Diagram Exercise
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