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Business IT Company Embracing Innovation for E commerce Success Essay



I’m working on a business case study and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

1. An IT company being a former category leader (software tools for the e-commerce industry) gets into trouble.

1.1. with time, the company’s solutions have become less competitive (very time-consuming when it comes to implementing them in the client’s e-stores; don’t stand out from other similar solutions in the market anymore) and the sales experiences a nose dive

1.2. the sales team doesn’t have the required competencies to compensate the drop in competitiveness by increasing the client’s portfolio and the company balances on the verge of going bankrupt

2. On the other hand, the company works on a innovative AI-based solution for the e-commerce fashion industry – AI stylist

2.1. The AI stylist offers the sought after features which help to increase the value of the purchasing cart by prompting the buyer cloth items matched to a given fashion style

2.2. The AI stylist creates also automatically descriptions of cloth items based on the item’s photo

2.3. The said solution is to be rolled out in a few months

—Propose a strategy for the described company allowing it to get on track, and shine again—