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CAU Essence of Branding Reading Presentation

Task Overview:

  1. Choose a topic from Chapter 11 that resonates with you and captures your interest. 
  2. Find an article that is relevant to your chosen topic. This article can be from reputable sources such as academic journals, industry publications, news outlets, or other reliable sources. Ensure that the article provides valuable insights and adds depth to the concepts discussed in the chapter.
  3. Prepare a presentation based on the article you’ve selected. Your presentation should be aimed at summarizing the key points of the article, connecting them to the concepts in Chapter 11, and facilitating a discussion among your peers.

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Structure: Clearly introduce the chosen topic, present the main points of the article, and draw connections to the chapter’s concepts.
  • Visual Aids: You are encouraged to use visuals, slides, or other aids to enhance your presentation.
CAU Essence of Branding Reading Presentation
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