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Comfort Contract

Reply if you agree or disagree with the following post. 200 words.


Comfort Contract

In this week’s student learning outcomes, I was able to investigate the ways in which various nursing models influence nurses’ daily practice and their operations. I was specifically able to look into how nurses avail their care and interventions to post-surgical patients in a more effective and personalized manner. I learned the impact of a comfort contract that ensures patients get the best care during their post-surgical recovery period.

Comfort Contract

This comfort contract acts as an agreement between [attending nurse] and [patient name], and it contains details regarding the expected level of comfort and discomforts that patients may experience and the interventions that may be effective in solving the discomforts.

The [patient name] and [attending nurse] agree to the following:-

  1. [Patient name] will provide details of their expectations regarding comfort and discomfort based on their medical history.
  2. [Attending nurse] will refer to the expectations of [patient name] and then provide the necessary information and interventions.
  3. [Attending nurse] will ensure that regular checks are conducted on the patients to gauge their progress and provide any additional intervention needed.
  4. [Patient name] will be sure to inform the [attending nurse] about any changes in their condition time after time.

Signed: ___________________________ Date: __________________________

[Patient name]

Signed: ___________________________ Date: __________________________

[Attending nurse]

Comfort Contract

I agree with the concept of a comfort contract outlined in the post. A comfort contract can significantly enhance the quality of care provided to patients, particularly in the post-surgical recovery period. By establishing clear expectations and responsibilities between the attending nurse and the patient, it ensures that the patient’s needs and preferences are prioritized and effectively addressed.

The agreement to provide details of expectations regarding comfort and discomfort based on the patient’s medical history is crucial as it allows the nurse to tailor interventions accordingly. Likewise, the commitment of the attending nurse to refer to these expectations and provide necessary information and interventions demonstrates a patient-centered approach to care.

Regular checks and monitoring of the patient’s progress are essential components of post-surgical care, and the inclusion of this in the comfort contract ensures that any issues or complications can be promptly identified and addressed.

Overall, the comfort contract serves as a collaborative tool to optimize patient comfort and well-being during their recovery, fostering a sense of partnership and mutual accountability between the nurse and the patient.

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Comfort Contract
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