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commercials on television that feature older people

1.Observe communication styles of people talking to older people, e.g. in restaurants, stores, and in health care
settings. Do you see examples of elderspeak?
2. Watch some commercials on television that feature older people. What image do they portray?
3.What benefits do older people experience in sharing their life stories?
4.Reflect on what this exercise meant to you.

commercials on television that feature older people

  1. Observing communication styles towards older people in various settings like restaurants, stores, and healthcare facilities can indeed reveal instances of “elderspeak.” Elderspeak refers to a manner of speaking to older adults that involves using simplified language, speaking louder, or adopting a patronizing tone. In restaurants or stores, you might notice servers or salespeople speaking slowly or using overly simplistic language when addressing older customers. In healthcare settings, healthcare professionals might unintentionally adopt a similar tone when communicating with older patients, which can undermine their sense of autonomy and dignity.
  2. When watching commercials featuring older people on television, the images portrayed often vary. Some commercials may depict older individuals as vibrant, active, and enjoying life to the fullest, engaging in activities like traveling, spending time with family, or pursuing hobbies. These commercials aim to portray older adults in a positive light, highlighting their vitality and zest for life. However, other commercials may portray older people in a more stereotypical manner, focusing on issues like health problems, retirement planning, or dependency on products or services specifically targeted at seniors.
  3. Sharing life stories can offer several benefits for older people. Firstly, it provides them with a sense of validation and affirmation of their experiences and accomplishments throughout their lives. It can also foster a sense of connection and belonging, as sharing stories allows older individuals to pass on their wisdom, values, and traditions to younger generations, thus preserving their legacy. Additionally, sharing life stories can be therapeutic, allowing older adults to reflect on their past, make sense of their experiences, and find meaning and purpose in their lives. Moreover, storytelling can promote social interaction and engagement, enhancing emotional well-being and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  4. Reflecting on this exercise, it underscores the importance of recognizing and addressing ageism in society. Observing communication patterns and media representations of older people highlights the prevalence of stereotypes and biases that can contribute to age-related discrimination. It serves as a reminder to approach interactions with older individuals with respect, empathy, and sensitivity, avoiding language and behaviors that may inadvertently perpetuate ageist attitudes. Furthermore, it emphasizes the value of promoting intergenerational understanding and communication, facilitating opportunities for older adults to share their stories and perspectives, and fostering meaningful connections across age groups.

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commercials on television that feature older people
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