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Creating Goals and Objectives Essay

Creating Goals and Objectives Essay

Creating Goals and Objectives for PRAC 6665
Posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 8:55:09 PM EDT

The Scope and Standards of Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing book is a great resource for assisting with creating goals and objectives for your assignments.  Your focus should be under the PMH-APRN section.  Some categories will not apply to you because you have not graduated and are not board certified yet.  Please take the time and read.  Once you review them, determine several goals/objectives that focus on PRAC 6665.  Do NOT focus on 6635 or 6645 (Psychotherapy) only!  This quarter should be Assessment, Diagnosis, Outcomes Identification, Planning, Implementation, Coordination of Care, Health Teaching and Health Promotion, Consultation, Prescriptive Authority, and Treatment, Evaluation.  Each quarter is unique in building competent skills for you to become a PMHNP! Creating Goals and Objectives Essay



Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

As you establish your goals and objectives for this course, you are committing to an organized plan that will frame your practicum experience in a clinical setting, including planned activities, assessment, and achievement of defined outcomes. In particular, your plan must address the categories of clinical reasoning, quality in your clinical specialty, and interpersonal collaborative practice.

For this Assignment, you will consider the areas you aim to focus on to gain practical experience as an advanced practice nurse. (Diagnosing, Screening Tools, and Medication Prescribing) Then, you will develop a Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) containing the objectives you will fulfill in order to achieve your aims. In this practicum experience, when developing your goals and objectives, be sure to keep PMHNP clinical skills in mind. Creating Goals and Objectives Essay
To Prepare
* Review your Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form you submitted last week, and think about areas for which you would like to gain application-level experience and/or continued growth as an advanced practice nurse. How can your experiences in the practicum help you achieve these aims? There may be overlap between your skills goals and your PEP goals.
* Review the information related to developing objectives provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Your practicum learning objectives that you want to achieve during your practicum experience must be: Creating Goals and Objectives Essay
* Specific Â
* Measurable Â
* Attainable Â
* Results-focused Â
* Time-boundÂ
* Reflective of the higher-order domains of Bloom’s taxonomy (i.e., application level and above) Â
* Discuss your professional aims and your proposed practicum objectives with your Preceptor to ascertain if the necessary resources are available at your practicum site.
* Select one nursing theory and one counseling theory to best guide your clinical practice. Explain why you selected these theories. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.
* Create a timeline of practicum activities that demonstrates how you plan to meet these goals and objectives based on your practicum requirements. Creating Goals and Objectives Essay
The Assignment
Record the required information in each area of the Practicum Experience Plan template, including three to four (3–4) measurable practicum Learning Objectives you will use to facilitate your learning during the practicum experience.Â


Learning Resources

Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. (n.d.). Toolbox of forms. Retrieved November 18, 2020, from
American Geriatrics Society 2019 Beers Criteria Update Expert Panel. (2019). American Geriatrics Society 2019 updated AGS Beers Criteria for potentially inappropriate medication use in older adults. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 67(4), 674–694. https://doi.org/10.1111/jgs.15767
Carlat, D. J. (2017). The psychiatric interview (4th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.
* Section I. General Principles of Effective Interviewing (Chapters 1–13)
* Section III. Interviewing for Diagnosis: The Psychiatric Review of Symptoms (Chapters 19–22) Creating Goals and Objectives Essay
* Appendixes A–C
Note: Use this link to log into Meditrek to report your clinical hours and patient encounters.
Pumariega, A. J., Rothe, E., Mian, A., Carlisle, L., Toppelberg, C., Harris, T., Gogineni, R. R., Webb, S., Smith, J., & American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Committee on Quality Issues. (2013). Practice parameter for cultural competence in child and adolescent psychiatric practice. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 52(10), 1101–1115. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jaac.2013.06.019
Walden University Academic Skills Center. (2017). Developing SMART goals.
Document: Practicum Experience Plan Template (Word document)

*My Focus is Correct Diagnosing of Mental Health Disorders, Adeptness with Screening Tools, and Correct Medication Prescribing with knowledge of contraindications, and Professional Development Creating Goals and Objectives Essay

Creating Goals and Objectives Essay
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