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CU Intellectual Development Discussion

I expect that each person selects one area of development

Area of development Intelligence

  Charts of milestones by domain and age (more comprehensive than yours should be,

but a nice format).

  Articles about general aspects of development (also more comprehensive than yours

need to be, but a nice format)

 1. General overview of an area of development, including any critical information (I.E.

Physical development containing gross and fine motor skills)

 2. Theoretical background; explain at least one theory behind this area of development in


 3. Milestones within the area of development. This is an early childhood class, which

includes prenatal-age 8; I do not need any older. If you are using a graphic for this, please

explain the contents of it in your own words.

 4. Ways in which parents can foster development in these areas; provide strategies. Again, if

you use a graphic for this, please explain it.

 5. Pictures, videos, charts, etc… to make your website look appealing.

 6. References for where you found this information. Make sure it is in your own words.

CU Intellectual Development Discussion
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