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Final Project Data Journal Entry Graduate Level



In this journal assignment, you will review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubricand choose a case study and theory you would like to use. You will be addressing the Data section of the final project.

Address the following: Establish context for your case note by briefly describing the client based on the information that you are presented within his or her case scenario. Describe the basic elements of the theory that you are applying to the client’s case. Does the theory include developmental stages or other unique characteristics? Explain foundational information about the theory, including information about its founder. Explain why this is an appropriate theory to apply to the client. Include supporting evidence from across the client’s lifespan.

This journal assignment, along with other journal assignments in the course, will help you develop your final project. It is important to review your instructor’s feedback in these journals and apply the feedback to your final submission of the final project.

To complete this assignment, review the Data Journal Guidelines and Rubricdocument.

The post Final Project Data Journal Entry Graduate Level first appeared on Quicknursing.com.

The post Final Project Data Journal Entry Graduate Level appeared first on Quicknursing.com.