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FIU Supermarket Decline Global Marketing Implications Discussion


  1. Read the Wall Street Journal article entitled “Supermarkets are losing this food fight” (published July 21, 2023
    • https://fiu.instructure.com/courses/176845/files/2…

2. Apply International Marketing Channel concepts from Chapter 15, such as complementary marketing, distribution process, distribution structure, Large-scale retail store law, merchant intermediaries, home-country intermediaries, and others to discuss the  international marketing implications of the issues raised in this article. Below are some discussion questions to get things started:

  • What trends have occurred over time that have caused supermarkets’ share of food sales to decline and how might these trends have ripple effects in supermarket chain’s international presence?
  • How might the trends affecting supermarkets’ share of food sales differ in a highly developed country versus an underdeveloped country?
  • What are the sources of competitive advantage that big-box retailers, fast-food places, restaurants, and e-commerce companies are leveraging to take market share away from supermarkets? How do these competitive advantages differ for international companies?
  • Describe at least one strategy you would recommend that supermarkets try in an effort to regain competitive advantage, particularly in the global marketplace.
  • Discuss how the globalization of markets affects food retail distribution.
FIU Supermarket Decline Global Marketing Implications Discussion
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