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FSCJ Strategic Approach to Develop Competencies, Strategies Questions

Discussion question #1 

Why is it important for organizations to take a strategic approach to develop competencies, strategies, and capabilities? 

Discussion Question #2 

Many people work outside of the traditional office environment and depend on their laptops, tablets, and cell phones to communicate with their employers, fellow employees, and customers. Do you think the ability to work outside of traditional offices because of today’s technology, positively or negatively affects the communication process between employers, employees, and customers? Give an example.

Discussion Question #3 

Managers can encourage ethical behavior by hiring employees with high ethical standards, establishing ethical guidelines for employees, leading by example, linking ethical behavior to job goals and performance appraisal, and implementing protective mechanisms for employees who face ethical dilemmas. Select one of the approaches above and explain how implementing the approach will promote ethical employee behavior.  

FSCJ Strategic Approach to Develop Competencies, Strategies Questions
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