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GEB 2930 RU Importance of Understanding Customer Preferences Essay



You are interviewing for a marketing manager position. As part of the application process, you are being asked to write a report about customer data collection. The company you are applying to makes custom made clothing for men, women, and children. All clothing is made on 3-D printers. The company operates 26 stores in high-end retail outlets on the west and east coast of the U.S. The company also operates a successful website that accounts for more than 80% of sales.

Your report needs to:

Explain three or more company benefits of collecting customer data. (i.e. WHY)

Explain what type of customer data the 3-D printing company should collect and why. (i.e. WHAT)

Discuss two examples of software tools that would be useful in analyzing the data. Search online to identify software data analysis tools. Discuss how and why these would be useful to your company. (i.e. USE)

Write a report that thoroughly answers all of the topics.