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I need essay but I already wrote thesis statement and body paragraph but you nee

I need essay but I already wrote thesis statement and body paragraph but you nee

I need essay but I already wrote thesis statement and body paragraph but you need to make changes in it to make more professional but if you feel it good you can just change few things and you can change it to match too all essay this is my thesis Statment “””Although Dave Bry manages to make a thought provoking argument of the ethical status of American football and the dangers it carries for the players, it’s not necessary to completely bring the game to a halt for the actions that could be taken instead. Recognizing the sociological value of the sport and the chances of reformation such as forsaking helmets to reduce head-on collisions introduces a more comprehensive strategy to find a solution for a safety issue other than banning the activity.””” this is body paragraph “””Thinking about the deadly effects of professional football, the role of personal institution and informed choice making by the players should be acknowledged. Dave Bry, author of the article “American Football Is Too Dangerous, and It Should Be Abolished,” explains the reasons the athletes deliberately subject themselves to such dangerous situations. They show this bodily affinity to the sport that would enable them to achieve their purpose, objective, and livelihood aspirations. What is more, football is a stellar stage for learning important life skills like teamwork, discipline, and resiliency. A lot of players claim that they become better people during the time they spend on the field, and say that playing sports prepared them for their future life too. Similarly, by respecting the autonomy of athletes and honoring their wisdom in career decision making, we respect the tenets of personal autonomy and individual responsibility. As Bry suggests, “NFL players are grown adults, and they should be free to do whatever they feel appropriate for their bodies, including self-destruction with the game for which they get paid extremely well”. Instead of sacrificial requirements and prohibition, efforts should center on sharing knowledge with the players and providing enough resources for conscious decisions regarding football. Such approach encourages a culture of accountability and respect the sport as well as maintaining the integrity of those who take part without causing them any harm.”””” “””I will attach the pdf of article “”” Begin by thoroughly summarizing your chosen article to show that you understand it. Then, respond to at least three aspects of the argument that provoked you, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses. If you are primarily supporting the argument, then you should respond to at least 2 points that you agree with and at least 1 that you have a problem with. If you are primarily criticizing the argument, then you should respond to at least 2 points that you have a problem with and at least 1 that you find acceptable “”‘ In addition to an introduction and a conclusion, your essay will have 3 parts: 1 paragraph of ONLY summary of your chosen article At least 2 paragraphs of support or criticism of the article (whichever you feel more strongly) At least 1 paragraph of counterargument or concession “”” Developing Your Essay Introduction Following the conventions discussed in the week 3 module, your introduction should include: A hook Brief context A thesis statement Your thesis statement should include An although clause A clear claim A concise rationale Body Summary Paragraph Your summary paragraph should be the first body paragraph, coming immediately after your introduction. It should begin by telling your reader your author’s main idea in concise language. It should then provide several points that the author makes in support of that main idea. Try to be thorough, but concise: you want your reader to get all the important points, but you don’t want to bog them down in details. Primary Argumentative Body Paragraphs Your argumentative body paragraphs should begin with topic sentence claims about some aspect of the article that you agree or disagree with. This should be followed by elaboration/illustration in the form of: Your own reasoning Knowledge that you have about the issue Your own experience relevant to the issue Information you’ve found while conducting research NOTE: This is not a research paper, so nobody is required to do any outside research. If you feel that you need to do a small amount of research in order to strengthen one of your points, you may, but please make sure you document your sources appropriately. Counterargument/Concession Body Paragraph Begin this paragraph by acknowledging the other side. If you are primarily agreeing with your chosen author, what is one thing you take issue with in their argument? If you are primarily disagreeing, what is one legitimate point they make, or at least one point that you think requires some refutation? You may then refute this point, arguing why it is not legitimate (this is a counterargument-refutation), or you may simply indicate why it does not outweigh the points you made in support of your side of the argument (this is a concession). Conclusion End by summarizing the main points of your argument and then providing a “so what” statement. Why should your response to your chosen article matter to an audience? Note: We did not spend much time covering conclusions leading up to this essay, so I will not be grading them critically. Just take a stab at it for now. “””” Requirements Your essay should be at least 6 paragraphs: Introduction Summary Primary argumentative body 1 Primary argumentative body 2 Counterargument or concession Conclusion You must include at least 2 direct quotations and 2 paraphrases from your chosen text Length: at least 600 words Proper use of MLA format, including in-text citations and a works cited page””””

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I need essay but I already wrote thesis statement and body paragraph but you nee
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