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JWU Business Employee Performance Appraisals Questions

After reading, the assigned textbook chapters and articles provided:  Reduce the Legal Risks of Performance Reviews and  I’m conducting performance evaluations and at least two (2) credible sources you find answer the following questions.

Question 1 

Discuss the different types of employee appraisal systems organizations can utilize. Provide examples (as attached files) of forms used that you find associated with two (2) type of appraisals found. Reference and describe how the forms are used in your discussion.  

Question 2

How do organizations effectively use performance appraisals to improve individual job performance, and what are the limitations inherent in the use of various appraisal systems? How could performance appraisals this relate to compensation, retraining, promotion, and termination?

Question 3

Discuss the legal issues related to employee performance appraisals systems.

JWU Business Employee Performance Appraisals Questions
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