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Lymphatic Assessment Discussion



Lymphatic Assessment Discussion

Discussion Prompt
The major parts of the lymphatic system are located in the

Bone marrow
Thymus gland
Lymph nodes
The lymph system is responsible for the maintenance of fluid balance, absorption of dietary fats from the GI system to the circulatory system to facilitate metabolism and finally, the enhancement of the immune system.


You have been asked to present in a convention with first year nurse practitioner students. After reviewing the assigned readings for the week, discuss the following in each of the major parts of the lymphatic system highlighted above:

1. How to perform a physical assessment during a clinical visit? If you are not able to perform a physical assessment ? What specific diagnostic imaging or laboratory would give you an accurate assessment on that organ of the Lymphatic system?

2. Mention two disease processes that can occur with each organ of the lymphatic system and give a brief overview of the clinical manifestations.

Lymphatic Assessment Discussion