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MGT 526 University of Phoenix Business Question



Identifying the needs of an organization is commonly done because the global business environment is constantly changing. While it seems like a miniscule business administration task, it is actually an involved and detailed task that leads the way to change. By identifying the needs, managers at each level of the organization can analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to develop potential strategies that will best position the company to achieve its mission and goals in the changing global business environment. Scenario
Congratulations! You’ve been hired as a general manager and tasked with proposing a plan that will update the alignment of the organization’s business strategies to address the impact of the changing global environment. This plan will be presented to C-suite employees in a few weeks. The first step to proposing a plan like this is to review the organization’s annual report and other documents then develop an organizational analysis. Preparation
Use the organization and SWOT analysis you selected in Week 1 for this summative assessment.
Analyze your selected organization’s SWOT analysis and other available sources to evaluate the current business strategies and strategic needs of the organization within a changing global environment. Determine a competitive business initiative that will address the unmet needs of the organization, based on your analysis Assessment Deliverable
Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal that analyzes the current business strategies and the needs of the organization. Include the following in your organizational analysis:

Name of organization and industry

  1. Mission and vision

Current organizational initiatives and what’s being done to support these initiatives

Internal and external factors from SWOT analysis

Alignment evaluation

1 or more unmet needs that is not limited to product or service (e.g., can be new demographic, new mode of delivery)

Competitive advantages based on SWOT analysis

Proposal of global competitive business initiative to address the unmet need(s)

High-level outline with timelines and operational steps necessary to implement competitive business initiative