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Please use notes View point: This week we did not have a group assignment which

Please use notes
View point: This week we did not have a group assignment which was a relief to me. I don’t believe corporate retreats are beneficial, a corporate outing, yes.
Respond to the following 3 discussions in 50-75 words:
1.Why would an organization want team bonding within its employee teams? How does this type of bonding potentially help create a better organization? As an HR manager, do you believe it’s worth the money from our mostly limited HR budget to do such bonding activities? Why or why not? What does everyone think?
2. I believe the break from the regular assignment helped me retain information, because I wasn’t moving constantly from one task to the next. I had more time to reflect on what I had learnt and solidify my understanding. The pause kind of helped me in better long-term retention of information. And also the break reduced the stress of getting an assignment done because less stress helps we students remember information better. As for retreats, I do think they can be beneficial for employee growth. It can provide a change of environment and a break from the usual routine, which can lead to fresh perspectives and renewed motivation. Retreats offer opportunities for team bonding and skill-building workshops, which can enhance collaboration and overall job performance. Retreats also provides a relaxed environment for employees to interact outside of a typical work setting and this can help to foster stronger relationships and improve communication.
3. This week’s break from the weekly assignment allowed me to go over past materials. It gave me the chance to review and consolidate what I’ve already learned without feeling pressured to absorb new information. It was a nice reset for my brain to not try and cram more topics in. Corporate retreats, in my opinion, are good for staff development because they are a change of scenery, allow for employees to work as a team, and provide chances for learning and growth in a more relaxed environment. These retreats can motivate employees and the team as a whole to return from them with a new sense of passion for their job, which can lead to better productivity and ideas.

Please use notes View point: This week we did not have a group assignment which
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