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PMU Family Governance Navigating Family Firms Review



Report Instructions

. Research methods in HRM Assignment:

Please see the attached files for further

details, review the assigned only one

paper (named with your student ID) and

prepare the assignment according to the

given format

2. Please follow the chapters that we covered in

Research Methods in HRM class and answer

the question given in the attached file.

3. Word count: 1000 words

5. Due date: 15th October [Draft checking

available until October 05 via emaill

6. Submission via Blackboard SafeAssign

7. Review the Marking Rubric for details on

grading criteria

Submission guidelines

1. Submission via Blackboard.

2. Late submission will not be accepted

and will receive an Automatic ZERO


3. Create the document in MSWORD and

submit your work in Blackboard

4. Page 1 = cover page (Name and ID

and Topic)

5. Use Times New Romans or Arial, font

size: 12

6. Have a space of 1.5 between lines

7. Use your own words (no cut and


8. Full sentences (no bullet points).

9. Plain language

10. References