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Topic : Increasing the quality of leadership 

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Strategic thinking, decision making, and innovation have issues that currently face, the most outstanding issue is increasing the quality of leadership and development. Increasing the quality of leadership and management entails expanding the ability of employees or creating opportunities for employees to have leadership roles. This includes improving skills, abilities, and confidence of employees in an organization. According to Bolden,  (2005) leadership development consist of several programs that are available to employees and organizations. The programs vary in relation to the style of training the complexity and the cost.

Today, strategic thinking, decision making and innovation in organizations face increasing the quality of leadership and development as a major issue since they assume it to be costly. It is evident that most organization do not invest in training and developing employees since the management is not ready to spend an extra cost on training them. It is also assumed that a lot of time is spent on training rather than equating that time to working and be productive. This kind of mentality from seniors in an organization has impacted negatively on the strategic thinking, decision making and innovations in organizations since the employees do not feel to be part of the decision making the process of the organization thus experiencing low performance.

According to Fielden, Davidson,& Sutherland,  (2009). Coaching and training are the two major ways of leadership development. Coaching and mentoring has its own advantages to an organization. These include the retention of employees. When employees are coached and mentored they are able to feel a sense of commitment and belonging to the organization. Through coaching and mentoring employees are able to be efficient of how they handle activities at the workplace. And lastly, Personal development is also an advantage since trainees are able to gain knowledge and be aware of the current trending issues.

The success of leadership development is influenced by the efforts put in by the management of the organization in terms of cost, consistency, support and also the ability of the trainee to understand and make use of what they have been trained. Increasing the quality of leadership has its own advantages and disadvantages. According to Bolden,  (2005) most leadership pieces of training don’t necessarily produce leaders because the trainers mainly use theories, concepts, and principles for training but do not encourage practical learning. Leadership can mainly be learned but not taught. It is, therefore, necessary for seniors in an organization to act as examples to their juniors in case they are given leadership roles. The role of a good leader is to ensure the values and purpose of an organization are implemented, develop vision and strategy, and build a workable community. This kind of behavior requires good character, creativity, and compassion.

It is therefore important for organizations to consider developing their employees in order to avoid facing the issue of low -quality leadership development.in conclusion, this kind of issue can greatly be avoided if the seniors of an organization are co-operative enough to ensure leadership development amongst the employees.

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