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Process Improvement GSA Project On Boarding Project

Consider the case of Garden State Associates (GSA), which is a management consulting firm specializing in process automation and redesign.  They work with SJ Professionals (SJP) who provides additional staffing resources, when needed. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) feels GSA’s project on-boarding process in inefficient and ineffective and would like your help in fixing it.

Here is the As-Is process:

When the Project Manager for GSA receives a consulting engagement proposal from a potential customer, it will go through the following procedure:

The Project Manager (PM) and the COO review the proposal and log the proposal for tracking purposes.

The Resource Manager will identify the staff resources (consultants, designers, technicians, etc.) required for the proposal, based on proposal outcomes.

The Resource Manager will check the availability of qualified staff resources from within GSA.

  1. If staff resources are available from within GSA then the Project Manager will create an internal project and assign the staff resources to the project.
  2. If staff resources are not available within GSA then the Resource Manager will contact SJP for the availability of staff resources for the project.
  3. If SJP is not able to provide staffing resources, then the Project Manager will contact the customer to find out if they can wait for resources to become available.
  4. If the customer can wait, then the Project Manager will schedule the work for a future assignment.
  5. If customer cannot wait, then the Project Manager will escalate the request to the COO for resolution.
  6. Assignment:
  7. Draw a business process diagram of this process using BPMN 2.0. You may use any BPMN tool available but be sure you are able to produce a readable diagram that can be inserted into a work document or PDF.
  8. You will need to use Events, Activities, Gateways, Sequence Flows and Message Flows as described in the two Stephen White papers (Introduction t BPMN, BPMN by Example) and in lectures.

You may need to use the notation for Exclusive Gateways and Parallel Gateways in this diagram.

Use the concept of a “black box” for the customer and SJP. Use swimlanes in the main pool. 

Process Improvement GSA Project On Boarding Project
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