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Project # 1  “Adult patient ” (use yourself) – Classmate Clinican: Shirby George

Project # 1  “Adult patient ” (use yourself) – Classmate
Clinican: Shirby Georges (me)
Patient: Brianna Brown
1-Follow guidelines and rubric
2-Since nutritional needs vary from one life stage to another, in your project you must discuss 
a. what are the “common problems” at that age/life cycle
b. what is the DRI recommended for your patient’s age/life cycle
c. what nutrients are recommended for your patient’s age/life cycle
d- Anticipatory guidance for caries, periodonto and other, according to your patient’s age/life cycle, and individual patient’s needs 
e- Exercise needed according to your patient’s age/life cycle
Review these chapters
Chapter 9                  Diet and Dental Caries. 
Chapter 10                Nutrition and Periodontal Disease. 
Chapter 13                Nutrient Needs for Development and Maintenance of Oral Structures. 
Chapter 14                Dietary Considerations for the Life Cycle. 
Chapter 16                Nutritional Counseling. 
Nutritional assessment Total 25%
I. Forms 15 % 
A. 5 %Nutritional Assessment forms 
B.10%  Food intake log (5 days) suggested to the patient  
Develop a patient centered plan (5 day diet/food log). Be specific according to your patient’s needs
It includes an outline of a realistic diet/food intake and snack guide with suggestions and recommendations. Using “My Plate” as a  
guide-Five food groups (4%)
It includes foods for caries prevention (2%), periodontal maintenance (2%), and others (1%)
It is based on the patient’s Daily caloric requirement (Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) according to patient’s Ideal Weight, Ideal BMI. (1 %)
II. Paper 10% 
These are the 4 parts you need to address in your Project & Paper:
A. 5 % General Summary 
Include: A typed analysis of the patient’s food intake history and other pertinent data gathered. 
A summary of all the problems or inadequacies noted. (1%)
An outline of a realistic diet/food intake and snack guide with suggestions and Recommendations. Using “My Plate” as a guide. (1%)
An anticipatory guidance for caries (1%), periodontal disease (1%) and others (1%) according to the data gathered.
B.   3  % Plan of Action: 
1. Reasons for the nutritional guidance. (1%)
2. A detailed plan of action based on food groups, caries prevention and periodontal maintenance.
Be specific according to your patient’s needs. (1%)
3. Identify concerns patient should discuss with dietitian or physician. (1%)
C. 1% Method of Evaluation and Follow up
Include a detailed plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the guidance program with the patient.  This is after the food log has been given to the patient.
D.1% Patient Materials
List the educational leaflets, or resources used to assist patient.
I have attached all information you will need to complete this assignment. Please be sure to look at the chapter readings, rubric and all the examples I have given you to complete this assignment correctly. Please be aware that the examples I have attached are examples you are not permitted by no means to use this information in my paper. That is plagiarism and this paper is being written for a masters degree program. For the assessment form ensure you are following the order given in the examples. I have also attached individual examples for the paper portion of this assignment. Also when completing this assignment be sure to use yourself as I believe this will help make it easier. Use what you have eaten from Wednesday-Sunday.

Project # 1  “Adult patient ” (use yourself) – Classmate Clinican: Shirby George
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