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psyc 0nly 500 words

 you will be working with the first one last name A-E  

In your initial post, you will apply what you learned from each of  the five articles, but you will discuss the findings and implications  for just one of these articles. The articles are assigned based on the  first letter of your last name. Please see the list below to determine  which of the articles you will focus on for your initial post based on  the first letter of your last name:

A through E: “Flexible Retrieval: When True Inferences Produce False Memories” F through J: “Memory Suppression in Alzheimer’s Disease” K through O: “Mnemonic Instruction in Science and Social Studies for Students with Learning Problems: A Review” P through T: “Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory Are Still Different” U through Z: “The Development of Real-Time Stability Supports Visual  Working Memory Performance: Young Children’s Feature Binding Can Be  Improved Through Perceptual Structure”

In your initial post,

Explain the empirical research presented in your assigned article, applying appropriate citations and references. Describe, in your own words, how the research relates to your own  experiences as well as how this area of psychology may have affected  your past or current beliefs about memory development. Do the research  findings refute or support your current beliefs, and in what ways? Are  there variables about memory of which you were unaware based on your  article? Apply skeptical inquiry to the potential problems that might arise  from research in the area of memory, and relate it to the APA’s Ethical  Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. Provide a rationale for whether or not this premise is valid and/or  appropriate based on the findings reported by the assigned articles.

It is recommended that you research articles in the Ashford  University Library to support your assertions if the required articles  do not provide sufficient information. Your initial post should be at  least 500 words in length.

The post psyc 0nly 500 words first appeared on Quicknursing.com.

The post psyc 0nly 500 words appeared first on Quicknursing.com.

psyc 0nly 500 words
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