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PU Project Management Strategies Discussion

Look at projects in your organization, share if they are using predictive, agile, or hybrid and why. Describe what you look for when selecting your team members and why.  Also Reply  to Two Classmates

Readings and Resources


Project Management Institute. (2021). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK Guide) (7th ed.). Project Management Institute, Inc.

This section details the project management development approach and the life cycle domain for project management.

  • Section 2.4 Development Approach & Life Cycle Domain

This chapter discusses the tailoring of project management practices to meet project needs, including stakeholders’ needs and project environment conditions. 

  • “The Standard for Project Management”, section 2.4: The Project Environment.

Articles, Websites, and Videos:

On this site, the Project Management Institute has listed the most influential projects from 1969 through 2019. You will see a brief overview of these projects and understand their impact.

  • The most influential projects. (n.d.). Project Management Institute.

This website allows you to discover the depth and breadth of the Project Management Institutes (PMI)’s work to advance the science and practice of project management, the skills, and opportunities for practitioners, and the results for organizations. Certain parts of this website are only accessible to PMI members.

  • Project Management Institute. (2019).

This video outlines 13 simple project management tips. This information will be helpful as you get ready to take on your first project as a project manager. If you are familiar with project management, have you seen these practices in real life?

Watch VideoProject Management Basics for Beginners: 13 Simple Project Management Tips

Duration: 5:29
User: Project Management Videos – Added: 4/21/14

This video covers the basics of project planning. Information presented in this video can help you understand the importance of project planning in your personal and professional lives.  

Watch VideoProject Planning for Beginners – Project Management Training

Duration: 6:00
User: Project Management Videos – Added: 11/5/18

PU Project Management Strategies Discussion
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