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Public Administration Essential Scholarship Annotated Bibliography and Lit Map

Complete part A and part B. My selected topic is Public Administration and the research style selected is quantitative reasearch.

PART A – ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (60 points) – Create an Annotated Bibliography with a minimum of 10 sources/references related to the problem/issue you identify. Each entry should include an annotation or summary statement that describes the relevance of the reference to your research problem. Submit your Annotated Bibliography as a document. 

o PART B – LITERATURE MAP (40 points) – Develop a literature map of the studies on your topic that corresponds to the sources/references presented in your Annotated Bibliography. Include in the map the proposed study and draw lines from the proposed study to branches of studies in the map so that a reader can easily see how you will extend existing literature. Submit your Annotated Bibliography in a document. Below is an example of what the literature map should look like. Keep in mind that every literature map is different and should be based on your specific review of literature. The primary function of this assignment is to demonstrate what academic literature you’ve been reading and how you organize it based on topic/subtopics. I recommend using a hierarchy/organizational chart in either Word or PowerPoint to create your Lit Map.

Public Administration Essential Scholarship Annotated Bibliography and Lit Map
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