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Resolving Miscommunication to Enhance Collaboration in a Financial Institution Paper

1.Moving from reflection to application, share at least 1-2 key takeaway from the 10 presented tools in the Ted video by Celeste video. From your discoveries, you can determine how many of the tools you want to cover and how deeply. Some learners share 1-2 more deeply, while others may want to highlight key take-aways from more. You will submit a 6-8 page paper which demonstrates your application of Headlee’s tools, to improve your professional communications. In your analysis, include:

  • Why this tool(s) resonates
  • How you plan to use this tool to improve your conversations/communication as a leader
  • 2. Better Conversations and Active Listening

    Following Celeste Headlee’s video 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation and Julian Treasure’s 5 Ways to Listen Better, let’s operationalize and demonstrate what you’ve learned by creating your own Active Listening Video and writing an essay on how to apply these techniques in a professional setting.

  • Apply Your Talents
    Think of a specific case where a miscommunication resulted in workplace issues or problems. Now that you know some techniques for effective communication, how would you coach those who went through the issue? Write a comprehensive paper outlining the issue and the suggestions for improvement. Follow the steps below:
    1) 2-4 pages describing the communication issue. Use pseudonyms where appropriate. Even if you are one of the “characters” in this case study, write the case in third person.
    2) 5-6 pages providing an analysis of the issue using Crucial Conversations as a guide
    3) 5-7 pages providing coaching for how to improve the specific case and how to avoid issues like this in the future. Be sure to reference Crucial Conversations as a guide.
    Be sure to use APA7 format.
  • BOOK,dainton, M., & Zelley, E. D. (2019). Applying communication theory for professional life: A practical introduction. Los Angeles: SAGE. ISBN-13: 978-1506315478; ISBN-10: 9781506315478please avoid, words like hense,however, this is beacuse, usa apa 7 format.Follow all instructions.
  • Resolving Miscommunication to Enhance Collaboration in a Financial Institution Paper
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