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Role play simulation

Choose a partner from the class and conduct the following three simulations:

*Role play Scenario #1 as both Larry and Ben. In the future, how can Larry better manage the employee evaluation process not just for Larry, but for all his employees as a means to enhance his credibility and build trust?

*Scenario #2 – Have a conversation with your partner and develop a strategy for Ed. How should Ed balance his own feedback for Tracy, coupled with the feedback from her peers, when writing her evaluation? What resources can Ed recommend to Tracy to improve when it comes to becoming more of a team player?

*Scenario #3 – Discuss and come to consensus as to what Jennifer should do and how she should evaluate Jack based on the situation outlined in the case study. What rating should Jennifer give Jack, and does his poor performance merit additional conversations with her Human Resources partner regarding potential termination of Jack, considering he did not follow up on specific areas that were requested by Jennifer, coupled with the fact that she had documented conversations with him about her concerns throughout the year?

Submit: With your partner, submit a 5 minute (or less) simulation (video recording in Zoom) for Scenario #1 between Larry and Ben. Please demonstrate the, “Correct” way Larry should handle Ben’s evaluation and future employee evaluations, and an, “Incorrect” way. Also, provide a verbal answer in the recording of the answers to the questions in Scenario 2 and 3, at the end of your role play. Please conduct the video simulation in Zoom and
upload to the CLE.

Additional Resources :
#1) Office hours live mini-lecture “Crucial Conversations”

#3) Book titled, “Thanks For the Feedback – The Art and Science of Receiving Feedback Well” by Douglas Stone

#4) “4 Things to do before a Tough conversation,” by Joseph Grenny, Harvard Business Review:

Assignment: Performance Appraisal Scenarios
#1) The Department Manager, Larry, has never had ongoing coaching/performanceimprovement discussions with an employee, Ben, to discuss the areas in which he isunderperforming, but during the annual evaluation session, Larry details an extensive set ofexamples of underperformance by Ben and gives him a, “Does Not Meet Expectations” rating.Ben is very surprised and questions Larry’s motives.
How can Larry improve when giving crucial conversations going forward and build trust with Benand other employees during the performance appraisal process?
#2) Tracy (Employee) is an excellent individual performer in the Finance Department. Herreports, follow up and analyses are very thorough. However, she does not work well with herteammates. The Department Manager, Ed, is always receiving complaints from other staffmembers that Tracy does not respond on emails, and does not participate in team meetings.
It is annual performance appraisal time. How does Ed balance Tracy’s individual performancewith the feedback he has received from her teammates when having critical conversations withTracy?
#3) During the self-appraisal process of the performance appraisal cycle, Jack rated himself all“5 Stars” for every category. He did not indicate a single area of improvement. Although Jack’swork “Meets Expectations,” there are very specific areas of improvement that he can focus on,according to his Manager, Jennifer. In addition, Jennifer has specifically had discussions withJack throughout the year on where he can improve, but Jack did not follow up.
During the annual performance appraisal session, should Jennifer rate Jack, “Does Not MeetExpectations” because he did not follow up on the areas she specifically highlighted anddocumented throughout the year? Explain your reasoning.



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Role play simulation
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