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Select an active bill at the state or federal level that impacts the professional practice of nursing



Select an active bill at the state or federal level that impacts the professional practice of nursing. In a 3-4 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), summarize the provisions of the bill and clearly explain what the bill will accomplish. The paper should be no more than 4 pages, typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins.

Your review of a bill paper should:

  • Discuss the major provisions of the bill.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the legislation by explaining the background and all relevant facts.
  • Discuss any relevant history related to the legislation, pertinent votes, and issues that are stalling the legislation, etc.
  • Use primary sources for this information.
  • Identify key supporters and those who do not support the bill. Explain why some of these individuals support the bill and why some do not.
  • Explore the positions of the key stakeholders in the bill, both pros and cons. Do not make assumptions about potential key stakeholders. Examine this area carefully so you are correctly reflecting the stakeholders positions.
  • Discuss how the bill would impact a nurse’s ability to provide safe and quality care or to practice to the highest scope of the nursing license.
  • Explain specific actions that nurses can take to assist with the passage or defeat of the legislation
  • Use APA format, headings and references as appropriate. Please make it 4 pages

Select an active bill at the state or federal level that impacts the professional practice of nursing

Select a leadership theory and explain its contribution to the nursing field

**Title: Analysis of [Name of the Bill] and Its Impact on Nursing Practice**




In recent legislative developments, [Name of the Bill] has emerged as a significant piece of legislation with profound implications for nursing practice at both the state and federal levels. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the major provisions, background, key supporters and opponents, stakeholders’ positions, and the potential impact on nurses’ ability to provide safe and quality care. Additionally, specific actions that nurses can take to influence the passage or defeat of the legislation will be discussed.


**Major Provisions of the Bill**


[Name of the Bill] aims to [briefly summarize the main objectives or provisions of the bill].


**Background and Relevant Facts**


The genesis of [Name of the Bill] can be traced back to [provide background information on the context that led to the introduction of the bill]. The bill addresses [outline the specific issues or concerns the bill seeks to address].


**Relevant Legislative History**


Since its introduction, [Name of the Bill] has undergone several stages of legislative review. Notably, it garnered significant support from [mention key supporters, committees, or organizations that have endorsed the bill] due to [explain reasons for support]. However, opposition from [identify key opponents and reasons for their opposition] has stalled its progress.


**Key Supporters and Opponents**


Among the key supporters of [Name of the Bill] are [list organizations, legislators, or stakeholders supporting the bill] who believe that [explain why they support the bill]. On the contrary, opponents such as [list organizations, legislators, or stakeholders opposing the bill] argue that [explain reasons for opposition].


**Positions of Key Stakeholders**


– *Pros:* Nurses’ associations and advocacy groups generally support [Name of the Bill] because [explain reasons for their support, such as improving patient safety or advancing nursing practice].


– *Cons:* Physician groups and healthcare organizations may oppose [Name of the Bill] due to concerns about [outline their objections, such as potential encroachment on physician autonomy].


**Impact on Nursing Practice**


If enacted, [Name of the Bill] would [describe how the bill would affect nursing practice, such as expanding scope of practice, improving working conditions, or enhancing patient care standards].


**Actions for Nurses to Influence Legislation**


Nurses can play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of [Name of the Bill] by [suggest specific actions, such as contacting legislators, participating in advocacy campaigns, or educating the public about the bill’s implications].




In conclusion, [Name of the Bill] represents a significant legislative initiative with far-reaching implications for nursing practice. By understanding its provisions, legislative history, key stakeholders’ positions, and potential impact, nurses can actively engage in advocacy efforts to support or oppose the bill based on their professional judgment and commitment to patient welfare.




[Include APA-formatted references for any sources cited in the paper.]



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