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SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations:

SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations


Precision RTO Resources Level 13, 269 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley 4006 Email: info@precisiongroup.com.au Website: www.precisionrtoresources.com.au   © 2022 Precision RTO Resources   SITXMGT004 – Monitor work operations (Release 1)   This resource has been developed for Precision Group (Australia) By Academy of Professional Excellence (APEX) Pty Ltd. Email: info@apexeducation.edu.au Website: www.apexeducation.edu.au   Version Control & Document History Date Summary of modifications Version 1 July 2022 Version 1 produced following assessment validation. 1.0 Copyright Notice No part of this resource may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or recording, or by an information retrieval system without written permission from Precision RTO Resources. Legal action may be taken against any person who infringes their copyright through unauthorised copying. These terms are subject to the conditions prescribed under the Australian Copyright Act 1968.         Copying for Educational Purposes The Australian Copyright Act 1968 allows 10% of this resource to be copied by any educational institute for educational purposes, provided that the institute (or the body that administers it) has given a remuneration notice to the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) under the Act. For more information, visit www.copyright.com.au.Disclaimer Precision RTO Resources has made a great effort to ensure that this material is free from error or omissions. However, you should conduct your own enquiries and seek professional advice before relying on any fact, statement or matter contained in this document. Precision RTO Resources is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage as a result of resource included or omitted from this material. Information in this course material is current at the time of publication. 

Table of Contents

Assessment Delivery                                                                                                                                                             4

Learner Information                                                                                                                                                              5

Steps for Learners                                                                                                                                                                  6

Accessing Intranet Pages                                                                                                                                                     6

Reasonable Adjustment                                                                                                                                                       7

Resources Required for Assessment                                                                                                                               8

Assessment Tasks                                                                                                                                                                   9

Knowledge Assessment                                                                                                                                               10

Learner Assessment Pack

Assessment Delivery

Learner Information

This Learner Assessment Pack is designed for you to complete the assessment for SITXMGT004 – Monitor Work Operations (Release 1). It may refer to your own workplace/organisation, or to a simulated business provided by your assessor.

The assessment tasks include Knowledge Assessment where you need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the unit, and the Practical Assessment, where you need to demonstrate your skills required in the unit. It is recommended that you complete the Practical Assessments in your own workplace/organisation. If you don’t have access to a real workplace, you can complete the assessment in a simulated environment where resources and conditions similar to a workplace must be accessed. Ensure to discuss this with your assessor prior to commencing with the assessment.

Each Learner Assessment Pack is made up of four parts:

Assessment Delivery

Learner Information

Steps for Learner

Assessment Tasks

Assessment Tasks, including:

Knowledge Assessment

Practical Assessment

Assessment Workbook Checklist

Assessment Workbook Checklist

Before you commence your assessment, ensure that you have a good knowledge of the subject, have thoroughly read your Learner Resource, and clearly understand the assessment requirements and the expectations of the industry to which the assessment is related.

Assessments are designed to be completed using your industry/organisation, but your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) may assist you by contextualising the unit to be completed in a simulated workplace environment.

You will be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills which must be observed directly by your assessor. Where the observation task may be difficult for the assessor to directly observed, a video recording of the practical observation task must be submitted as supplementary evidence. Verification from at least one third-party signatory, and preferably two or more witnesses is required to confirm your demonstration of these practical knowledge and skills. These witnesses would usually be your current or recent supervisors, or your assessor.

The practical assessment tasks may be completed using your own workplace, a simulated environment, or a mix of both, as instructed by your assessor. To contextualise this assessment to your industry/organisation, you may be asked by your assessor to provide additional information based on your industry/organisation.

Instructions are given for each task. If you have questions, or unclear how to proceed, consult with your assessor.

Records of all aspects of the assessment must be kept in your Learner Assessment Pack

The record of assessment is a legal document and must be signed, dated, and a copy stored as required by your Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Steps for Learners

Your Learner Assessment Pack:

Upon receiving your Learner Assessment Pack, discuss with your assessor the expectations and requirements of this assessment. You may also need to supply contact details of one or two work referees who can confirm your skills in the industry.

Discuss with your assessor if you intend to undertake the practical assessment tasks based on your employing organisation, in a simulated business, or in a mix of both.

Your Learner Assessment Pack is where you will get the task information. Complete each task as instructed using either your own workplace, or using a simulated business, as discussed with your assessor.

After you complete your assessment, gather and submit your evidence documents as detailed in the task(s) in the timeframe agreed with your assessor.

Your assessor will advise you if there are any further steps for you to take to satisfactorily complete this assessment.

Accessing Intranet Pages

Some assessment tasks may require you to access specific pages from the simulated business, The Continent Hotel. Links to these pages are formatted in Blue Text.

To access these, hold the Ctrl key for Windows users while clicking on these links. For Mac users, directly click the link.

The simulated business, The Continent Hotel, can be accessed by going to

SITXMGT004_Forms and Templates

Login to The Continent Hotel using the Details:

Username: trinityinstitutelearner

Password: trinityinstitute@123

Reasonable Adjustment

Adapted Reasonable Adjustment in teaching, learning and assessment for learners with a disability – November 2010 – Prepared by – Queensland VET Development Centre

Reasonable adjustment in VET is the term applied to modifying the learning environment or making changes to the training delivered to assist a learner with a disability. A reasonable adjustment can be as simple as changing classrooms to be closer to amenities or installing a particular type of software on a computer for a person with vision impairment.

Why make a reasonable adjustment?

We make reasonable adjustments in VET to make sure that learners with a disability have:

The same learning opportunities as learners without a disability, and

The same opportunity to perform and complete assessments as those without a disability.

Reasonable adjustment applied to participation in teaching, learning and assessment activities can include:

Customising resources and assessment activities within the training package or accredited course

Modifying the presentation medium

Learner support

Use of assistive/adaptive technologies

Making information accessible both before enrolment and during the course

Monitoring the adjustments to ensure learners needs continue to be met

Assistive/Adaptive Technologies

Assistive/Adaptive technology means ‘software or hardware that has been specifically designed to assist people with disabilities in carrying out daily activities’ (World Wide Web Consortium – W3C). It includes screen readers, magnifiers, voice recognition software, alternative keyboards, devices for grasping, visual alert systems, digital note-takers.


Reasonable adjustment made for collecting learner assessment evidence must not impact on the standard expected by the workplace, as expressed by the relevant unit(s) of competency. For example, if the assessment were gathering evidence of the learner’s competency in writing, allowing the learner to complete the assessment verbally would not be a valid assessment method. The method of assessment used by any reasonable adjustment must still meet the competency requirements.

Resources Required for Assessment

To complete the Practical Assessment tasks, you will require access to:

Computer with internet and email access, and a working web browser

Installed software: Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader

A workplace, or a simulated workplace environment that will allow you access to:Workplace documentation, including:Operational goalsOperational objectivesQuality assurance initiatives implemented in the organisationCurrent industry trendsEmerging industry trendsCurrent industry practicesEmerging industry practicesOrganisational Staff RosterCustomer Service quality reportsOperational BudgetOrganisational policies and procedures on delegation of workStaff ProfilesWorkplace templates, including or similar to the following:Operations Performance ReportStaff RecordPerformance ReportDay-to-day Operations Report

People, including:

At least one stakeholder who will be involved in the following:

To discuss about the Operations Performance Report in Workplace Assessment Task 2

To identify at least two potential opportunities for increasing sustainability in the Workplace Assessment Task 2.

To collect feedback for each idea in Workplace Assessment Task 5

At least one staff who will be involved in the following:

To discuss about the Performance Report in Workplace Assessment Task 5

To communicate about the monitoring of implementation of recommendation with staff in Workplace Assessment Task 6

To provide insight and feedback on the performances in the Workplace Assessment Task 5

To assist the staff on providing recommendation and implying it in the Workplace Assessment Task 5

Opportunity to:Monitor work operations at the workplaceTo communicate effectively with team members

To plan and organise operational functions, and solve problems

Learner Assessment Pack

Assessment Tasks

Knowledge Assessment

Preliminary Task Questions 1 and 2 of this Knowledge Assessment require you to refer to your own workplace, its industry, and your work role. For your assessor’s reference, identify the information required in the spaces below. When answering Question 1 and 2, you must refer to the information you provided below. Workplace/organisation name:      Industry:      Your work role:      

Question 1Complete the table below regarding the work organisation and planning methods related to your industry sector. Identify at least two work organisation methods used in your industry sector. In your own words, briefly explain how each identified work organisation method are used in your industry sector. Your response must be in 30 words or more. Identify at least two work planning methods used in your industry sector. Briefly explain how each identified work planning method are used in your industry sector. Your response must be in 30 words or more. SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

Work Organisation Methods How the Method is Used in the Industry Sector                    Work Planning MethodsHow the Method is Used in the Industry Sector                    

Question 2Complete the table below regarding the roles and responsibilities related to your work role: Identify at least two leadership roles related to your work role. Provide at least one responsibility for the each identified leadership role. Identify at least two management roles related to your work role. Provide at least one responsibility for the each identified management role. Leadership Roles Responsibilities                    Management RolesResponsibilities                    

Question 3Access your organisational day-to-day activities policies and procedures. Answer the following questions about the organisational day-to-day activities policies and procedures. Identify the core operation of your organisation based on the document accessed.     Briefly explain how the organisation functions based on the core operation identified.     

Question 4Access your organisational policies and procedures on work operations. Answer the following questions about the organisational policies and procedures: Identify at least one system used to support each aspect of operations listed below during work operations. In your own words, briefly explain how the system identified is used to support each aspect of operation listed below. Your responses must be in 30 words or more.  Aspect of Operations System UsedHow the Identified System is UsedAdministration          Health and Safety          Human Resources          Service standards          Technology          Work Practices          SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

Question 5Read the following scenario about quality assurance in the workplace. Answer the questions that follow. Scenario 1 John is the lead quality assurance officer in Flow Ltd, a company that produces custom-made software. As the quality assurance officer, John must check that the software is able to perform its function as requested by the customers. This ensures that the software received by the customer is fully functional and free from bugs and issues. To do so, John runs the software on different setups to check the range of operating conditions that the software can run on. He then identifies potential issues with the software, if any. Should there be issues found, John must return the software to the development team for improvement. The development team then returns the improved version by addressing the issue found by John. He then checks again if any other issues arise when running the software. Once the software is cleared from any issues, John recommends the software for customer delivery.Identify the reason for conducting the quality assurance for custom-made software.      Briefly explain how John conducts quality assurance on custom-made software. Your response must be in 30 words or more.     Scenario 2 Mark is the lead quality assurance officer at Hot Potato, a food production company that specialises on potato chips. Mark must check the quality of the potato chips packs to ensure that packs sold to customers are with the correct weight and chip sizes. During operations, Mark goes to the potato chip sorting to check on the sizes of the chips produced. If the chip size is not within acceptable sizes, he advises the personnel to adjust the chip cuts. Then he proceeds with the bagging area to check the weight of the packs. If the packs are too heavy or too light, then the baggers must check the settings of the bagging machine to make necessary changes.Identify the reason for conducting quality assurance for potato chip packs.     In your own words, briefly explain how Mark conducts quality assurance on potato chip packs. Your responses must be in 30 words or more.     

Question 6Complete the following table regarding operational efficiency and financial sustainability. Identify at least one way profitability is maximised in business operations. In your own words, briefly explain how the identified way in maximising profitability affects financial stability. Your responses must be in 30 words or more. Identify at least one-way financial stability is maximised in business operations.In your own words, briefly explain how the identified way in maximising financial stability affects profitability. Your responses must be in 30 words or more. 

Way of Maximising ProfitabilityEffect to Financial Stability          Way of Maximising StabilityEffect to Profitability          

Question 7Identify at least three ways of minimising waste by being cost effective at your workplace.                

Question 8Complete the table below regarding social responsibilities in organisations. Identify the three types of social responsibilities of business operations in organisations. Identify at least one benefit to the organisation from complying to each social responsibility identified. SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

Social Responsibilities of Business OperationsBenefit of Complying to Social Responsibility                              

Question 9Complete the table below regarding the time management principles: Identify at least two-time management principles used to improve work performance. In 30 words or more, briefly explain how each identified time management principle is used by leaders to plan their own work. In 30 words or more, briefly explain how each identified time management principle is used by leaders to plan work of others. In 30 words or more, briefly explain how each identified time management principle is used by managers to plan their own work. In 30 words or more, briefly explain how each identified management principles are used by managers to plan work of others.

Time Management PrinciplesHow Leaders Use Principle to PlanHow Managers Use Principle to PlanOwn WorkWork of othersOwn WorkWork of Others                                                  

Question 10Read the following scenario about the principles of effective delegation and delegation techniques. Jeffrey was the senior manager of The Continent Hotel, the premier hotel in Australia. Part of Jeffrey’s responsibilities as the senior manager was to delegate tasks to the team, he was handling. His team was comprised of the following: Keith, a former cashier at a local dinerHenry, a bellboy who had been with the hotel for 5 yearsTommy, a fresh graduate of hotel and restaurant management To ensure that the operations run smoothly, Jeffrey must select the right person for every job role. From experience, he knows that people perform better when they have relevant background on the tasks they’re performing. Knowing that Keith has background as a former cashier, he delegates her to attending the front desk. Jeffrey then delegates Henry to usher incoming guests and guide them to their needs. Then, as a graduate of hotel and restaurant management, Jeffrey assigns Tommy to assist him in creating reports. Every day before starting the shift of each staff, Jeffrey briefs each staff on their tasks for the day. He ensures that each staff understands what is required to be accomplished. Jeffrey requires each staff to confirm understanding and commitment. Over the course of the day, he makes rounds on sections of the hotel to ensure that each employee stays committed to their respective tasks. Jeffrey requires each staff to report their day with him before the day ends to check for concerns and issues encountered in completing their tasks. On the next day, Tommy must collate the reports of each staff and provide a summary of concerns and issues encountered. Jeffrey designates a quiet space for Tommy to ensure that there will be no interference when Tommy makes the report. Answer the questions that follow. In 30 words or more, briefly explain how Jeffrey chose to delegate the right person for every job role.     In 30 words or more, briefly explain how Jeffrey ensures that there is communication on each employee on what is required to be accomplished for each day.     Identify the way Jeffrey gains the commitment of each employee.     Identify the way Jeffrey checks the commitment of each employee.     In 30 words or more, briefly explain how Jeffrey checks on concerns and issues encountered by the employees in completing their tasks.     Identify the way Jeffrey ensures that there will be no interference when Tommy makes the report.     SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

Question 11Read the following scenario about problem solving and decision making in the workplace. Answer the questions that follow. Scenario 1 Kris works as a Human Resource staff at The Continent Hotel, a premier hotel in Australia. The organisation lost four workers in the previous week due to various reasons, and the department is now understaffed. To resolve the loss of manpower, Kris encouraged an increase in the hiring efforts to replace lost workers. However, until the lost manpower is replaced, the organisation must compensate this by requiring the current workers to work for longer hours so that productivity is uncompromised. This caused the workers to express dismay on the extra hours they spend without compensation. Kris advised management to provide overtime pay to the workers that needs to work extra hours.Identify the solution that Kris advised to resolve the loss of manpower.     Identify the solution that Kris advised to resolve workers expressing dismay over the organisation’s new policy.     Scenario 2 Hustle is an art gallery known for featuring contemporary art in Australia. In summer times, Hustle’s art gallery becomes too humid for guests to enter. To resolve this, the gallery opens their back windows to let air circulate inside the premises. However, this is still not enough to make the area conducive for guests to visit. The management team of Hustle identified other solutions to the issue: Installation of air conditioning which would require $10,000 monthly running costInstallation of fans around the gallery which would require $1,000 monthly running costClose down temporarily during summer times to avoid extra expenses Knowing that the gallery barely exceeds a monthly profit of $10,000, installing air conditioning would not be advisable as this would only consume bulk of the monthly profit. Closing down the gallery temporarily during summer times would cut extra expenses but would consequently lose profit that the gallery uses to sustain its monthly expenses. Installing fans around the gallery would both solve the heat issue and keep the finances of the gallery afloat, and thus, was chosen as the best choice to make.Outline the three solutions to the issue found by the management team of Hustle.               In 30 words or more, briefly explain how the management chose installation of fans as the best decision to make.     SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

Question 12Read the following scenario about working hours and conditions in the workplace. Answer the questions that follow. Scenario 1 Jacob is the manager of The Lounge, a bar in The Continent Hotel. As the manager, he oversees the operations of the bar and manages staff workload and schedules. Every October, F1 racing occurs around the area of the hotel. Guests from all over the world swarm the hotel and, consequently, the bar. Due to increase in volume of people coming in, Jacob hires extra temporary staff that would assist in keeping up with the orders of the guests. Since the bar can normally sit 100 people and experiences about 200 people during October, Jacob must also designate extra table and chairs to accommodate the increased number of guests. Occasionally, the bar also extends from closing at 2am to 4am to adjust to the volume of people coming out of the bar periodically.Identify the issue that occurs every October.     Identify the two solutions Jacob did to accommodate the increased number of guests.          Identify the effect of the increased volume of guests to the time the bar closes.     Scenario 2 Robert is the manager of Tee Up, the golf range in The Continent Hotel. Part of Robert’s responsibility as the manager is to manage staff workloads and schedule. Tee Up is open every day, including weekends and holidays, from 6am to 9pm. Robert must ensure that enough staff are working in the golf range at all times. A recent government ordinance requires a 4-day work terms for all staff in Australia. This forces the golf range to lessen the workloads of staff. To comply to this ordinance, Robert adjusts the schedule of staff working with the golf range. Additionally, since a day had been removed from each staff’s workload, Robert hires more staff to fill-in the vacant work hours.Identify the issue encountered by Robert due to the recent government ordinance.     Identify the two solutions Robert did to comply to the ordinance.          SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations

Question 13Read the following scenario about ensuring systems and procedures meet work health and safety requirements in the workplace. Answer the questions that follow. Scenario 1 Rita is the safety officer of The Continent Hotel, a premier hotel in Australia. Rita’s main responsibility is to ensure that the organisation is implementing safe practices during work operations. She conducts random checks on areas of the hotel to see if employees comply to safe work practices. During one of her random checks, she found a maintenance crew mopping the hallway while smoking a cigarette. She immediately approaches the maintenance crew to stop him from smoking and explained the hazards it potentially produces. Smoking in the hallway not only causes smoke harmful to guests and co-workers, but also unpleasant for guests to see. To ensure that the issue would not occur again, Rita reported the maintenance crew to management for violating the safe practices enforced within the hotel. She then briefs the employees again about safe practices to be applied during work operations.Identify the safety issue found by Rita during one of her random checks.     Identify the reason why the issue would be a problem to the hotel.     In 30 words or more, briefly explain how Rita ensured that the issue would not occur again.     Scenario 2 Stephen is a safety officer in Hard Hats Construction, a construction firm working with hotels. The company was tasked to repair a glass panel on the 5th Floor of The Continent Hotel. During the operations, Stephen visited the site to ensure that their employees are practising safety procedures when repairing glass panels, especially in elevated areas. He found two of his men working with the repairs without wearing hard hats and safety harnesses. This violates the local state ordinance that people working in elevated areas must always wear proper personal protective equipment, in this case, hard hats and safety harnesses. Stephen pulled out the two men who were violating the safety practices to avoid non-compliance to the local state ordinance. Additionally, he supervised the whole repair process to ensure that the employees always wear proper personal protective equipment.Identify the safety issue found by Stephen during his site visit.     Identify the reason why the safety issue would be a problem to the company.     In 30 words or more, briefly explain how Stephen reacted to the safety issue.     SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations


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SITXMGT004 Monitor Work Operations
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