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SJ Tesla Strategic Management Case Study



Tesla case 

Using only information from the case (ie, no modern day information or references)….

Conduct a PESTEL analysis, to identify the forces affecting car manufacturing of alternate energy vehicles.

Conduct a SWOT analysis, to analyze internal and external conditions Tesla must consider going forward.

  1. Using VRIO analysis, evaluate whether Tesla has sustained a competitive advantage.
  2. Continuing your internal analysis, how does Elon Musk, himself, constrain or enhance Tesla’s options?
  3. Relate “Business Strategy,” as we use it in this class, to Tesla.
  4. Going forward, what short-term objectives are required for Tesla to survive?
  5. What are the primary elements of Tesla’s internal and external environment that need to be addressed for it to achieve a sustained competitive advantage?
  6. (Hint: Revisit your internal and external analysis using different frameworks in earlier questions. As one example, review your SWOT analysis and suggest to Tesla how they can take advantages of strengths and opportunities and overcome threats and weaknesses.