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SJU Race and Racism Essay



For this week’s readings, the fact in focus is race and racism are part of a larger suite of systems of inequality seen across space and time. Key components of this suite of systems include:

  • Race and racism are a part of a larger set of ideas and structural inequalities across space and time used to identify certain groups as inherently different – and limit their access to resources, power and life This includes settler colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ideas of manifest destiny and possessive individualism.
  • Anti-blackness is a core component of constructing racial Understanding how racial difference was and is mapped out on black bodies is necessary for understanding how it fits within the larger suite of systems of inequality and broad applications of racialized thinking
  • Race and Racism are evident in systems of inequalities within and outside of the US
  • Obscuring the connections between oppressive structures makes it difficult to identify and address their breadth and reach

Please choose two of these components and discuss the ways that this week’s videos and readings touched on at least two of these components. How did each piece present the components? Which pieces do you think did the best job at engaging the components? If you think a piece did a particularly poor job of tackling a component, why and how could it have been improved? Please cite specific time stamps from the videos and/or quotations from the readings.