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TESC Business Being the Manager of A Food Restaurant Questions

Answer the questions below:

1. Suppose that you are the manager of a fast-food restaurant. Explain how you would apply the principles of personal selling to your job. Contrast the approach you would use in this job with the one you would use if you were a computer sales representative. (If you work in either of these jobs, you may wish to call on your own experiences.)

2. select a country or culture with which you are not familiar. Conduct research, either in print or online, to find at least five facts relating to the cultural sensitivities of business people in that country or culture that you should be aware of if you hope to build a long-term relationship with a company in that country or culture. Then answer the following questions:

What sorts of questions might you ask to determine the cultural sensitivities of a prospective client from another country?

What information sources could you use to get answers to those questions?

3.Read the case problem about Steelcase Incorporated. After you have familiarized yourself with the case, answer the following questions: (Please see attachments)

Look at the Three-Dimensional (3-D) Product Solutions Selling Model (Figure 7.1) in the textbook. Which satisfactions from the three dimensions of the model do you think customers considering the Steelcase Personal Harbor Workspaces would seek? Give reasons for your choices.

Look at the product-selling strategies for new and emerging products listed in Figure 7.2 in the textbook. Which of these strategies did the Steelcase salespeople use and how did they use each one?

The Steelcase sales team used a consultative style of selling instead of a traditional product-oriented one. Why was the product-oriented presentation ineffective?

What methods did the Steelcase sales team use to add value to their product? Why was it important to do so with this particular product?

TESC Business Being the Manager of A Food Restaurant Questions
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