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The Effectiveness of Incentives in Shaping Human Behavior in an Organizational Setting Discussion



Read and watch the following readings and videos to answer questions:


Dyer, L. (2006). Critical Thinking for Business Students. Captus Press. (Chapter 6: Techniques of persuasion)

Martin, R. (2019). The High Price of Efficiency. Harvard Business Review, 97(1), 42–55.




Fordism and Taylorism

Scientific Management

The questions you need to answer (ONLY according to the readings and videos I give):

How effective are incentives?

Based on the week’s readings and videos, write a persuasive essay describing how effective you think incentives are in shaping human behaviour, particularly in an organizational or business setting.

If you do not answer all the questions according to the rubric I uploaded, your answer will be rejected.

Only use the rubric format and no outside source answer will be accepted! (only use the reading and videos I GIVE)

Please read the rubric word doc carefully before you start.

APA style, single space, times new roma 12pt, 1 page…

The answer and in-text citation can only be from the assigned reading, no outside resources!