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The Internet and Healthcare

In this written assignment, you will address health-related information on the Internet.

Step 1 Share an example of a time in your practice when you have had concerns about information that a patient (or family member, friend, or you) has obtained from the Internet.

If you have not had such an experience, go to a consumer health information website, such as WebMD, and look up a health condition that you typically see in your practice or have seen in your clinical experiences. Consider how a patient might use this information as you answer the questions in Step 2.

Step 2 In a one-page paper, describe safety concerns related to people who seek health-related information on the Internet and explain how to evaluate the quality of health-related information on the Internet. Use the following questions as guidelines for your paper:

  • What was the perceived health problem, and how did you or the patient research this problem?
  • What health-related information was obtained?
  • Was the information accurate?
  • How did (or might) the patient interpret the information?
  • What did (or might) the patient do with the information obtained?
  • What actual or potential harm could have happened as a result of the information?
  • How can you evaluate the quality of health-related information on the Internet?

Cite any sources in APA format.

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The Internet and Healthcare
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