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The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay

The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay

Comparative Analysis: Instructions
Although there isn’t a single reason, in general, comparison allows us to identify the areas for improvement in our own system. As you have learned in the module, resources available for healthcare, human and monetary, are limited so spending on the areas that stand to produce the most impact is critical to reducing spending, improving outcomes, and long-term sustainability. Similar to the way your unit, office, or organization may benchmark its outcomes against national outcomes or those of comparable institutions to determine future courses of action, country-to-country comparisons allow us to do the same for several key indicators of our healthcare system. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay


The staff nurse is the hub of the interprofessional unit that cares for a client; the DNP graduate Is the nub or the intersection between practice, research, and policy and should be prepared to critically analyze the major drivers of policy (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2006).
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
The Affordable Care Act. Briefly compare current U.S. healthcare outcomes to the years prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. What has improved, stayed the same, or worsened? Access, quality, and cost can provide you with a
Tramework Tor this section. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay
Population Health. Compare and contrast the following measures of population health in the U.S. to comparable developed nations. You may choose a single country or multiple countries to complete this.
a chronic arsease outcomes
(b) hospital-related care or patient safety outcomes
(c) life expectancy
(d) mortality rate
In addition to the above numerical figures, summarize current statistics on how COVID-19 has impacted the overall life expectancy for U.S. citizens based on their race.
Economics. Compare and contrast the economics of healthcare in the U.S to comparable developed nations. Include a comparison of the following:
(a) gross domestic product as it relates to healthcare spending
(b) healthcare expenditure per capita The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay
(c) spending priorities
(d) cost sharing
Step 4:
Step 5:
Current Issues and Sustainability. Choose and discuss ONE (1) of the following related to current issues in and the sustainability of our current system:
Explain the relationship between the participation of healthy persons in the insurance system and insurance costs. How has removal of the tax penalty for the individual mandate affected (a) premium rates and (b) uninsured rates? The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay
Summarize up-to-date information on U.S. birth rate trends and the growth of the senior population. What is the significance of the birth rate to the cost and sustainability of Medicaid/Medicare. How has the pandemic further impacted this sustainability?
Explain the relationship between immigration status, healthcare utilization, and health outcomes among this group of people. Discuss the implications of providing basic healthcare services to non-legal immigrants.
How have hospital mergers and the creation of healthcare conglomerates impacted healthcare cost and access to care in rural populations? Discuss concerns that Federal Trade Commission antitrust enforcement will not be enough to regulate healthcare prices.
Explain how climate change impacts maternal and newborn health outcomes. To what degree do hospitals contribute to carbon gas emissions? What changes in hospital operations may help organizations achieve carbon neutrality?
Health Disparities. Summarize current data on health disparities and inequities in our system. Identify some of the causes of health disparities, and explain how they lead to poorer outcomes. Lastly, explain the relationship between holistic admissions and/or affirmative action in health science programs (eg, nursing, medicine) and the ability to reduce health disparities. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay
Additional Notes:
• The paper should be approximately 7-8 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages).
• This is a formal paper and should include and introduction and a conclusion and avoid the use of first person.
• The paper should be organized with APA-formatted headings that are consistent with rubric
• Peer-reviewed references, evidence (results of formal inquiry published in the literature), and current data are your primary types of support and are necessary to develop posts as expected. There should be a minimum of 5 references included as support for your work.
• Relevant statistics and numerical data are expected to support your work throughout.
Submission Instructions: The paper should be submitted as either a Word document or a PDF to the designated space. Your work will automatically be submitted to turnitin.com upon
submission to the course. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay

The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay
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