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UF Business Marriott and Starwood Data Breach Essay



  • Provide the title of your Cyber Security Incident 

Marriot and Starwood Data Breach (2018)

  • Describe/Summarize hack, incident, or discovery of vulnerability? Explain how it works and what happened. Be sure to identify which of the pillars of the CIA Triad were compromised? 
  • What is the date(s), time(s), location(s) of the hack/incident (or discovery of vulnerability)? 
  • If known, who were the (alleged/suspected) attackers/hackers and their motives/reasons (Why did they do it)? 
  • Who were the victims, or potential victims (direct and indirect)? 
  • What was the estimate damages (Cost), or potential damage for this hack/incident/vulnerability? This includes the cost for repair/recovery/payouts for victims from the incident. 
  • How does this case relate to the “Top Threats in the last 5 years” as discussed in class?  What could the business have done (safeguards) to prevent or limit the damages? (What technology or business processes can you use?)