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UMGC The Free Exercise of Religion for Military Personnel Essay



Strategy and objectives

o levels of strategy

o generic strategy selection

o process of developing strategy

o balanced scorecard and KPI

Follow the guidelines below while working on this part of your report:

  • Find and analyze your organization’s organizational strategy. For publicly traded companies, this should be relatively easy to locate, which may not be true for the organization where you work.
  • If possible, confirm the process used in creating, reviewing, and revising these objectives, as well as who contributes and how.
  • Include a preliminary evaluation of success in achieving objectives.
  • Cite the tools and methods you used to reach your conclusions, such as the balanced scorecard and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Strategy types and competitive advantage

o competitive advantage – VRIN

o Porter’s five forces

Try to identify what your organization’s sources of competitive advantage are (if any) and present a preliminary assessment of the relative value of these advantages. You will have an opportunity to examine competitive advantage in greater depth later in your MBA program.

Also, see if you can identify your organization’s core competencies and reach any supportable conclusions about whether they are used to achieve competitive advantage, and how. 

Organizational size and structure

  • building blocks of structure – centralization, formalization, hierarchy, mechanistic

Organizational Size

Review your organization’s size and determine how much it has changed over the last five years. Include in your audit an analysis of how your organization’s size impacts its ability to accomplish its strategic objectives.

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure refers to the pathways that define who reports to whom. It is most easily discovered by studying an organizational chart. If your organization does not have a chart, or if the chart doesn’t reflect reality, read Organizational Structure for help constructing an organizational chart. Having a chart for your organization will be helpful in determining which of the numerous structural types best apply.

Include in your report an analysis of whether the current structure aligns with and impacts the organization’s MVGOs and, if not, the likely consequences.