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UP Change Management Impact on Operations Management at Amazon Paper




Select the company from the Fortune 500Links to an external site..

Prepare a Research paper on one of the following topics:

Changing Organizational Priorities that change the scope of projects

Change Management impact on Projects and/or Change management impact on operations management

Lack of accountability on project requirements

Unrealistic deadlines for project completion

Relationship of project to the strategy of the business


Relate your paper to a specific project or initiative (this can be a past or future project at your organization, a past project from another company or a future project you wish to undertake). In a review of all of the aspects of Project Management what one area do you believe will be your biggest challenge? Explain for the project chosen, explain, analyze, synthesize, and summarize the impact that the application of operations management will have. Provide examples of specific projects or operations failures for the chosen company, and relate how this conforms or deviates from effective project management standards/theory.