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USC End to End Fulfillment Process Model

Create a Process Model for the Fulfillment Process. When creating the model, include the correct path and order for your added items.

Use Lucid Charts to create your process Model or any other modeling software. The requirements for the assignment include:

  1. Title for your Process Model
  2. Scope statement: a relevant description of the process name, as well as when the process starts and ends
  3. Outcome statement: a definition of the desired outcome of the process
  4. Start Event/End Event-(bold circle)
  5. Insert at least 14 tasks
  6. Three Gateways
    1. At least one Exclusive Gateway
    2. At least one Parallel Gateway
    3. Example: two Exclusive and one Parallel, or one Exclusive and two Parallel
  7. Color code the SAP process by separating the SAP functions within the process (i.e., Financial Accounting is purple)
  8. Include a pool and swim lanes
  9. Overall Design- Easy to read, color contrast. AN example one the professor provided is attatched below.
USC End to End Fulfillment Process Model
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