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VHS Airbnb Company Mission And Vision Case Study

Identify the company’s mission, vision, goals, and relevant stakeholders and write them down.  How clear are their mission and vision? Are they well communicated?

Become acquainted with the company’s products and services and draw up the company’s corporate structure. How diversified are they? Conduct a value chain analysis of the target company. 

  1. Define the company’s strategic business units
  2. Identify the company’s critical value-creating activities
  3. Explore the international reach of the company. What is their global footprint? How many countries? How much revenue do they derive from domestic vs foreign markets? 
  4. Identify the company’s executive officers and draw up the executive structure. 
  5. Identify the company’s board of directors and learn about their background. How many directors on the board? How many insiders/outsiders/related? Who holds the key functions on the board? Are there any subcommittees overseen by the board? 
  6. Key points to keep in mind are products/services, SBU’s, Value-Creating Activities, Executive Structure, and Board of Directors 
  7. The topic is focused on AIRBNB. 
VHS Airbnb Company Mission And Vision Case Study
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